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1971 Buick Chassis sales Person info restored 7:59 min
1972 Buick Options Features Sales Person info restored 12;35 min
1973 Buick Quality Assurance promo restored 6:29 min
1973 Maxtrac and Cruise Master promo restored 4:16 min

1971 LeSabre Centurion Electra Sales Person info restored 27:07 min
1971 Sylark, Skylark Custom, GS, GS Stage 1,GSX Sales Person info restored 18:40 min
1972 Better Quality Full Size Centurion LeSabre Electra 225 restored 15:49 min
1972 Full Size Buick Features Sale person info restored 8:03 min
1972 Special Buicks Riviera GS Sportwagon Estate Wagon 17:02min
1972 Skylark Series, includes Sun Coupe 18:11min
1973 Apollo Promo restored 7:03 min
1973 Centurion Promo restored 4:16 min
1973 Century Luxus Promo restored 5:07 min
1973 Electra Promo restored 5:32 min
1973 Regal promo restored 4:43 min
1973 Wagons Sales Promo restored 5:34 min

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Scanning tips
Around 300 dpi works best for character recognition of small text (150 is ok for large text) any higher than 300 just takes longer to scan. When scanning getting things straight is the main thing (I can correct this but its very time consuming). Use the same setting for all pages and do pages in order including backs of covers and any blank pages so the flip books will be close as possible to flipping thru the real thing. - exposure etc are much easier to correct if the scans are consistent go for clarity of text/pictures above color of page for old documents, usually default scanner setting work out just fine. Your going get to shadows along seams of some books - weighing the page your scanning down along the seam can really reduce this an stops distortion of the text. and is much easier on the seam of you book than pressing down on it - for books in binders take the pages out (especially if using camera) - for books to large for scanners or for those that dont have scanners - using a tripod and camera can get great results set one leg longer and weight it down to get the camera directly over the pub without shadows or set camera on table edge to steady and keep things parallel - use indirect light to reduce glare rather than flash - and the highest resolution setting of your camera. i can work with what your scanner outputs - if your scanner has auto crop it often crops to text area - better to set it for page size or with camera beyond the pub - scan so whole page shows I'd rather crop the edges than have cut off different size pages (I end up doing that anyway if any straightening is needed, and scanners especially those that save to PDF always make some page crooked).

In the Works Coming Soon

All Buick Libraries In the Works

Updated 28th Mar 2015

Shop / Chassis Manuals

1928-1954 Buick Master Chassis Parts Book

1937 Buick Shop Manual

1938 Buick Shop Manual

1939 Buick Shop Manual

1940 Buick Shop Manual

1942 Buick Shop Manual

1943 Supplement to 1942 Buick Shop Manual

1948-49 Buick Shop Manual

1952 Buick Shop Manual

1953 Buick Shop Manual-Supplement to 1952

1960 Full size Chassis Service Manual -in library

1964 Intermediates Chassis Service Manual

1964 Full Size Chassis Service Manual -in library

1965 Intermediates Chassis Service Manual -in library

1965 Full Size Chassis Service Manual -in library

1966 Chassis Service Manual

1967 Chassis Service Manual

1968 Chassis Service Manual we still need

1969 Chassis Service Manual -in library

1970 Chassis Service Manual -in library

1971 Chassis Service Manual -in library

1972 Chassis Service Manual -in library

1973 Chassis Service Manual -in library

1975 Buick Chassis Service Manual


Fisher Body Manuals

1926 -31 Fisher Closed Body Service Manual
1929-31 Fisher Body Service Manual

1934 Fisher Body Service Manual

1935-36 Fisher Manual of Construction & Body Service Manual

1937-38 Fisher Body Service Manual

1937-1938 Fisher Body Service Manual

1939-40 Fisher Body Service Manual

1941-42 Fisher Body Sheet Metal Service Manual

1946-47 Fisher Body Service & Construction Service Manual

1948 Station Wagon by Fisher Body Service Manual

1949 Fisher Body Service & Construction Manual.

1949 Fisher Body Special Sport Coupe Service and Construction Manual

1949 Fisher Station Wagon Body Service & Construction Manual

1950 Fisher Body Service Manual Supplement

1951 Fisher Body Service Manual Supplement
1952 Fisher Body Service Manual Supplement

1953 Fisher Body Service Manual Supplement

1955 Fisher Body Service Manual Supplement

1955 Fisher Body Service Manual Supplement-Station Wagon Sedan Delivery

64 Intermediates Service Manual

1966 Fisher Service Manual

1967 Fisher Service Manual

1969 thru 73 Fisher Body Service Manual library


Brochures Owners Manuals

1905 Buick Brochure

1905 Buick Catalog

1906 Buick Brochure

1907 Buick Brochure

1908 Buick racing Brochure

1909 Buick Brochure

1910 Buick Brochure model 19

1910 Buick Brochure model 16 and 17

1910 Buick Specifications

1911 Buick Catalog

1914 Buick Brochure x2

1914 Buick Reference -owners guide

1915 Buick Brochure

1915 Buick Specifications

1916 Buick Brochure

1917 Buick Brochure

1918 Buick Brochure

1918 Buick Reference-owners guide

1919 Buick Brochure

1920 Buick Brochure

1922 Buick Brochure

1925 Buick Brochure

1928 Buick Reference -owners guide

1929 Buick Reference -owners guide

1930 Buick Brochure

1933 Buick Brochure

1934 Buick Brochure

1935 Buick Brochure

1936 Buick Brochure

1937 Buick Brochure

1938 Buick Brochure

1938 Buick Brochure small

1938 Buick Prestige Brochure

1940 Buick Brochure small

1940 Buick mailer

1942 Buick Brochure small

1946 Buick Brochure

1947 Buick Brochure

1948 Buick Brochure

1949 Buick Brochure

A bunch of 1950 sales pamphlets and some from the 40s

1950 Buick Brochure

1951 Buick Brochure

1951 XP-300 Brochure

1952 Buick Brochure

1953 Estate Wagon Brochure

1953All Three Buick Brochure

1954 Buick Brochure

1954 Buick Brochure late issue

1956 Buick Brochure

1957 Buick brochure

1958 Buick Brochure

1958 Buick Prestige Brochure

1959 Buick Brochure

1960 Buick Mailer

1960 Buick Brochure US

1960 Buick Brochure US small

1960 Buick Portfolio small

1961 Buick US Big Car Brochure small

1961 Buick US Brochure Large

1961 Buick US Small Car Brochure

1962 Buick US Large Car Brochure

1962 Buick Full Line Brochure

1962 Buick Full Line Brochure Large

1962 Wildcat Skylark Foldout

1962 Buick US wildcat Skylark Brochure

1963 Buick Large Brochure All Lines

1963 Buick Brochure intermediate (trimline) Cars

1963 Buick Brochure Fullsize Cars

1963 Riviera Brochure

1964 Buick full Line Brochure -in library

1964 Buick Skylark German Brochure

1965 Buick All line Prestige Brochure

1966 Buick Full line Prestige US Brochure

1967 The Machines GS350/GS400 Brochure

1967 Buick Full Line Brochure

1967 Riviera Owners Manual

1968 Buick Prestige Brochure

1968 Owners Manual LeSabre Wildcat Electra

1969 Buick Full Line Brochure -in library

1970 Buick brochure

1970 GSX Folder

1970 Riviera Brochure

1971 Buick Full Line Brochure -in library

1971 GM Full Line Stockholders Brochure in library

1972 Buick Full Line Brochure -in library

1972 Skylark Owners Manual

1973 Buick Full Line Brochure -in library

1973 Buick Full Line Brochure small -in library

1974 Buick Full Line Brochure

1978 75 Years of Greatness Brochure

1979 Riviera Brochure

1985 Multiple Brochures

1999 Silver Arrow Brochure


Service Bulletins

1946-68 Buick parts catalogue (groups 14 -15 conv trim sections)

1954-1965 Power Window Motor Service

1955 print of 1928 to 54 Body Parts

65 and 70 thru 73 Buick Service bulletins


General GM Service Guides

1945 ABC's of Hand Tools

1949-1964 Steel Wheels Chart

1962-1970 GM Delco Air Conditioning

1964-1977 GM Drum Brake Service Manual

1964-1977 GM Power Brake Service Manual


Assembly Instructions

71 Assembly Training Manual preliminary

72 Assembly Sheets A body

72 Assembly sheets B-C-E -different version/additional sheets to Full line version in now library


Buick Price Guides Model Option Equipment and Accessory codes/prices/availability

66 Buick Engineer Approved Accessories

67 Options & Accessories MSRP

70 full + Intermediate, (71-72 -in library already) 73 74,76,85 Price directory

Employee pricing Guides 69 70,


75,76,78,79 Engine Quality Control (nice books full of specs codes casting numbers part numbers identification and testing markings assembly sheets), sure wish we had other versions


Whole Sale Order Forms

to be combined with those already in window sticker and ALL MODEL YEAR - ORDER & INSP FORMS,INVOICES books now in library
65 Special & Special Deluxe

67 LeSabre

67 GS400,

69 GS350 GS400 rev 2

69 Skylark Skylark Custom rev 2,

71 LeSabre

71 Skylark

72 GS

72 Skylark 350 wprices,

72 Skylark wprices

73 Century Century Luxux rev 1 and wprices

73 Gran Sport rev 2

73 Estate Wagon rev 1,




Buick Dynaflow Transmission Manuals, more Rochester Carb Info

46-64 GM carb info

71 Motor Vehicle Safety Standards GM

72 GM Dash Repair Manual

75 ASC Sunroof Repair Manual




Buick Registries